QUOTE OF THE DAY: "What works good is better than what looks good. Because what works good lasts."
Ray Eames

Box inside a Box inside a Box... 19. Nov2012

"These boxes are made of a single piece of wood. By sawing off a slice around the wood each time... READ MORE >>

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TAGS: wood, box
Designed by Piet Hein Eek

The Thread Wrapping Furniture Collection 17. Nov2012

When someone finds new ways to work with materials it worth respect. When that person think and... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: thread, wood
Designed by Anton Alvarez

The Plywood Cabinet 16. Nov2012

What's with this cabinet you might say. It's just an ordinary cabinet made out of plywood with a... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: plywood, handcrafted
Designed by HOW ARE YOU

RE-PLY chair 13. Nov2012

The Re-Ply chair is a recliner re-designed by designer Dan Goldstein. The creating process is about... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: cardboard, recycled
Designed by Dan Goldstein

BUBBLE chandelier 10. Nov2012

"Constructed from post-consumer soda bottles, the Bubble Chandelier was originally inspired by the... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: plastic, bottle, PET, aluminum, LED
Designed by SOUDA