'Branch' handle for umbrella 22. Oct2012

3D printed objects become more and more part of our life, be it printed at home or in limited... READ MORE >>

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TAGS: print, umbrella
Designed by Quentin de Coster

ROULADE sofa 21. Oct2012

"Roulade is a meeting between generations and genres, a meeting between mattress and Chesterfield,... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: sofa, upholster
Designed by KiBiSi

WOODINI stool 20. Oct2012

"The concept of the project is to achieve an complex and constructive 3 dimensional form by cutting... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: plywood, wood, acryl, modular
Designed by Bakery Design

STUCK chair 17. Oct2012

STUCK chair is a chair created by taking apart all elements of a chair and put them back together... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: chair, wood, oak, steel, coated
Designed by OATO Design Office

MAVALA' 16. Oct2012

MAVALA' is a multifunctional table and chair. It has both a blackboard and a magnetic... READ MORE >>
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