QUOTE OF THE DAY: "A house is a machine for living in."
Le Corbusier

Tsubomi handmade cushions 14. Jun2012

Designed and handmade by Mas, Tsubomi (which translates in "Buds") were quite an attraction to this... READ MORE >>
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Chair Farm 13. Jun2012

Following the last year product, the Hemp Chair made of... hemp, a chair that was an example of... READ MORE >>
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'Glasscape' fish bowl 08. Jun2012

Here is one idea that makes you say: how simple! it was so obvious... Yes it is but you need to... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: glass, landscape
Designed by Aruliden

A lamp 07. Jun2012

The lamp creted by Antoinette Bader is an interesting and practical approach to the idea of hanging... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: lamp, light, versatile, cone
Designed by Antoinette Bader

The 'Noorderparkbar' 06. Jun2012

The Noorderparkbar is designed and built by Trespassers W and bureau SLA The bar is both a coffee... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: park, bar, public, wood
Designed by Bureau SLA