QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Design is where science and art break even."
Robin Mathew

HAZARD storage units 19. Feb2012

Hazard is an installation of storage units: a bench, a shelf and two shelves, which can be arranged... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: bench, shelf

'Hola Bandola' 15. Feb2012

Hola Bandola is the name of a serie of cabinets, Ohh, Ahh and Ehh designed by the Norwegian young... READ MORE >>
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FRAGMENTED - version 02 14. Feb2012

Taken a bit further, the Fragmented series has been upgraded with seating modules and stacking... READ MORE >>
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FRAGMENTED cabinet - version 01 13. Feb2012

Designed by Francesca Lanzavecchia from Lanzavecchia&Wai, the 'Fragmented' cabinet version 01... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: cabinet, lycra, steel
Designed by Lanzavecchia&Wai

'T@tris' sideboard 11. Feb2012

T@tris sideboard contains two cube seats and one table additional to the 26 drawers cut-out in the... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: sideboard
Designed by Pedro Machado