QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Architecture is the art of how to waste space."
Philip Johnson

Ping Pong door 05. Feb2012

Made of massive wood with dimensions of 86cm witdh and 198,5 height, the Ping Pong door is actually... READ MORE >>
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Designed by Tobias Fraenzel

COUPE armchair 04. Feb2012

COUPE armchair is the newest product from Laufer and Keichel design studio created for Offect. The... READ MORE >>
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'The Corkers' - DIY cork animals 02. Feb2012

'The Corkers' were "brought to life" through collaboration between Israeli design studios Monkey... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: cork, animals, wine, bottle
Designed by REDDISH

Bloomberg Pavilion Project 01. Feb2012

"The ‘Bloomberg Pavilion Project’ will employ the pavilion in the grounds of the Museum... READ MORE >>
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Designed by Akihisa Hirata

SuperAngular: 'Klein Bottle house' 27. Jan2012

Kein Bottle house, located the vicinity of Melbourne city, Australia takes its name from Klein... READ MORE >>
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