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Robin Mathew

pageCUES29. Jun2011

I am sure you desired for a long time to have nice, themed and colorful page cues for your 'bookline' instead of any anonymous piece of paper. Now you have at hand the pageCUES, the graphical card markers which slide onto the pages of books and magazine to highlight things of interest. Angela and Mark Gilbert from Gilbert 13 Studio designed a set of 10 pageCUES, each one having a different graphic image based on a central theme. Four themed sets are available to buy at this moment: Architecture, Woodland, Parklife and Food.

"Slide pageCUES™ onto the pages of a book or magazine to mark items of interest which you may wish to refer back to in the future. Each set is designed on a theme such as architecture or woodland etc. and made up of 10 pageCUES™ which all have a different design. These visual cues work together in a collection to make a unique scene across your bookshelf." - Gilbert 13 Studio

For example, the Architecture pageCUES helps you to create a 'best of' city skyline popping out of your books, each pageCUE illustrates a different iconic building from around the world and includes buildings such as Frank Lloyd Wrights Falling Water, Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion House and Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia.

Inspired by nature, the Woodland themed have illustrations of plants and wildlife found on a woodland walk, including squirrels, pine cones, flowers, mushrooms and trees, the Food range is inspired by a selection of sweet and savoury treats such as cup cakes, cheese and biscuits, noodles and a knickerbocker glory and finally, Parklife is a playful range inspired by daily life in the park, including illustrations of an ice cream van, joggers, swings and dog walkers.

This is a great and funny gift for your friends and your family and also it is a stylish way to organise your books. PageCUES are made from sustainably sourced cardboard and can be easily recycled with your magazines. A set costs £3.80 and is available to buy from the pageCUES dedicated site.

"Gilbert13 is a North West based design studio, who's inquisitive and experimental nature is reflected in their fresh thinking products. They push the performance of materials and processes into new areas to create unique and striking products which challenge people’s perceptions. The company was established in 2008 by Angela and Mark Gilbert, who met whilst studying Industrial Design at Sheffield Hallam University, graduating in 2000. After several years working as a lighting designer and as a design engineer they were eager to explore new avenues and realised the potential of working as a partnership to create groundbreaking products which excite and inspire." - Gilbert 13 website

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