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'More or Less' chair 26. May2011

You order a few chairs for your house and you don't know what you get. Each 'More or Less' chair is... READ MORE >>

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TAGS: chair, unique, steel, wood
Designed by Maarten Baas

Dressed Furniture collection 25. Sep2011

Soojing Kang created limited edition chairs for her Dressed Furniture collection of last year. The... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: chair, stool, cabinet
Designed by Soojin Kang

'Luuku' chair 20. Sep2011

Designed within The Wood Program within the Department of Architecture of the School of Engineering... READ MORE >>
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Pine forest cabin 14. Sep2011

"Simplicity of form and material is key to the budget of this 850 square foot cabin in Winthrop,... READ MORE >>
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CLAP lamp 24. Jul2012

CLAP lamp is a lamp constructed by the principle of what is called "lamp Anglepoise" invented by... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: lamp, light, wood
Designed by Produckt Tank