QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new."
Henry David Thoreau
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'Felt & Gravity' collection 10. Sep2011

The 'Felt & Gravity' is a collection where gravity plays an important role. "...The hanging... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: storage, sideboard
Designed by Amy Hunting

'Kurk' desk light 23. Aug2012

"Kurk is a flat pack desk light that requires no screws or glues to assemble. Focusing on the life... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: light, cork, steel
Designed by Craig Foster

No Country for Old Men - part one 15. May2012

Latest creation of Lanzavecchia+Wai is an interesting series of three objects and furniture... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: wood
Designed by Lanzavecchia + Wai

'Adhocker' collection 03. Jun2011

Innovation is the main word for the graduation project of designer Annika Frye.  'The stool is... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: stool, chair, versatility
Designed by Annika Frye

TRAY office table 24. May2013

Versatile office table that fits both in contract and in home spaces, not only because of its clean... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: office, table, versatile, wood
Designed by Pedro Feduchi