QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Design has taken the place of what sailing used to be."
Dennis Conner
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ABSOLUT ELIX vodka glass 07. Nov2014

Ultra-fresh news from Designer Thomas Feichtner which was commissioned by ABSOLUT VODKA with the... READ MORE >>

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TAGS: glass, vodka, absolut
Designed by Thomas Feichtner

House IN 17. May2011

House IN is a single family house from Kanagawa, Japan designed between 2008-2010... READ MORE >>
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Vienna Design Week 2011 - FlexiChill 10. Jan2012

In summer 2011 three architecture students at the Technical University Vienna attended a course... READ MORE >>
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The Collectionaire, a cabinet to treasure 23. Apr2013

"A chest full of paradoxes. Between simple and complex, displaying and concealing, chaotic yet... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: cabinet, wood, collection, oak
Designed by by MOUPILA

Old Stories in New Words 30. Jan2013

ThecraftLAB is a team of young Romanian designers and architects who make “design with a... READ MORE >>
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