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Henry David Thoreau
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Hilltop House 03. Jul2011

Hilltop house is located on a rocky and forested landscape from the edge of Thailand’s... READ MORE >>

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3M house 04. Oct2011

3M house is located on a steepy slope towards the Danube in Pöstlingberg, close to Linz,... READ MORE >>
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House of Seven Gardens 19. Jun2011

The house is built on a timber frame construction with the roof covered in galvanised steel plates.... READ MORE >>
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'Objet Préféré' exposition 02. Jun2011

'Objet Préféré' is a collective project consisting in 15 beautiful and unique... READ MORE >>
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'Just the Two of Us' urban sculpture 26. Nov2013

In the last twenty years, Katharina Grosse, Berlin-based artist born in 1961 in Freiburg, Germany,... READ MORE >>
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