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Dr Edwin Land
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House in Saka 25. Nov2011

Completed this month (November 2011), the latest creation of Suppose Design Office is another... READ MORE >>

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TAGS: house, wood

'Staircase' shelves 08. Jul2011

 "The most efficient way to build is vertically. Building vertically saves space as it uses... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: drawer, shelving, stair, bookshelf
Designed by Danny Kuo

NEW ORDER shelving system 20. Mar2013

"New Order provides a basic shelving grid made of a variety of colored, cast and extruded aluminum... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: aluminum, shelf, wood, screen
Designed by Stefan Diez

STRUCTURE modular elements 24. May2012

STRUCTURE is self-explanatory and very easy to handle. Despite the minimalist design of the... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: module, versatile
Designed by Lena Peter

TWIST chair #2 07. Aug2013

Two Argentine designers from different generations, Cristian Mohaded and Ricardo Blanco, came... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: chair, wood, metal, argentina
Designed by Cristian Mohaded