QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Our perception is visceral. Reason plays a secondary role."
Peter Zumthor
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'Divergence' table 19. Dec2011

NY designer Peter Harrison has designed and built a really cool hall table for those seeking a... READ MORE >>

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TAGS: table, wood, aluminium, cables
Designed by Peter Harrison

Hilltop House 03. Jul2011

Hilltop house is located on a rocky and forested landscape from the edge of Thailand’s... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: house
Designed by Openbox Company

Young Balkan Designers @ Sofia Design Week 02. Aug2011

"'Young Balkan Designers' is an annual regional design competition initiated by Serbian cultural... READ MORE >>
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The UNBUTTON Collection 25. Sep2014

The Unbutton Collection is represented by two bedsides and a sideboard with a high visual impact,... READ MORE >>
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GUITARRA collection 02. May2012

Designed for Uno Design, Guitarra is a collection of chairs, armchairs, benches and tables and... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: chair, bench, seat
Designed by Estudio Mariscal