QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Complexity is one of the great problems in environmental design."
Christopher Alexander
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The Thread Wrapping Furniture Collection 17. Nov2012

When someone finds new ways to work with materials it worth respect. When that person think and... READ MORE >>

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TAGS: thread, wood
Designed by Anton Alvarez

ACCESSION - Mirrored Urban Spaces 03. Jun2013

Following his successful series 'Cityshrinkers', Ben Thomas' new take on cities, urban spaces and... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: photo, city, mirror, urban
Designed by Ben Thomas

'Conic' table lamp 22. Nov2011

"Conic is a playful exploration of geometry and asymmetry, shadows and light, with a circle, a bar... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: lamp
Designed by Thomas Bentzen

Paul Menand, a designer in love with creation. 13. Feb2013

Paul Menand is a 25 years old French designer based in Paris. He graduated from the Marc Bloch... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: chair, stool, lamp, shelf, designer
Designed by Paul Menand

Framed, a newspaperwood cupboard 11. May2011

'Framed' is a cupboard created by Berg Hanssen for Vij5, a young Dutch design label with a... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: cabinet, paper, furniture
Designed by Breg Hanssen