QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Design is not for philosophy it's for life."
Issey Miyake

swART - A Relaxation Corner18. Jun2014

TAGS: armchair, chair, shelf, lamp, hanger, clock
Designed by SwartLab

In a time of internationalization, in which travel between far away destinations and frequently residence change has become more and more frequent, 6 designers have reflected on the idea of a corner dedicated to leisure and rest... easily transportable.

Six different products are born from the creativity, the willingness to experiment and the technical knowledge of each designer. The added value was given by the collective comparison, by the sharing of ideas, but also by the practical experiences of self-production or production in collaboration with artisans. The ideas have evolved according to the specifications and the processing possibility of the materials that were evaluated for their expressive and formal potential.

The 6 products have complementary functions, they are coordinated in finishes and colors and are characterized by small size or being easily assembled and disassembled. These are the collection “a relaxation corner”: Progetto Semplice valet stand of Desart casa, Noa chair of Esigenza Creativa, the library Ponticello n17 of Laura Dal Molin, Mr. Cilindro lamps of Studiooxi, Sophie wall clocks of Layla Mehdi Pour, 42forteatoo cups of Francesca Antoniotti.



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