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swART @ Milan Design Week 201410. Apr2014

TAGS: milan, week, wood
Designed by swART

swART is an italian online shop born from the passion for the self production and from the desire to bring out the quality of the independent italian design. This year at Milan Design Week swART is promoter of italian independent design.

Fuorisalone 2014 (Milan Design Week) represents an important opportunity to showcase some of its products, result of a constant and careful selection of art, but also a lot of news. To display all products in a meaningful way, swART set up different areas with different themes. All set-ups were displayed within the Independent hub.

Independent Hub is the demonstration of the possibility to network in the world of independent italian design. It’s a cross-cutting collaboration, a hub of ideas, a focus of creativity which links the e-shop Swart, MID studio – Manifattura italiana Design – and many emerging designers. It is the testimony of knowledge, trust and cooperation that has developed during its first year of activities between the independent design shop and independent italian designers.