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Pierre Bonnard

tABLE15. Jun2011

TAGS: table, stackable
Designed by Elda Bellone

"tABLE is capABLE, it’s openABLE, accosTABLE, movABLE, stackABLE, stretchABLE, enlargeABLE, splitABLE. tABLE was born as part of the open object project* and it consists in two tables perfectly overlapped. The function is the same whether it stays open or closed, but its ability to transform itself into multiple different entities, gives it a strong character and a unique individuality. tABLE it’s easy to handle and fairly light weight to move around or to fit back on top of its base table that holds it perfectly into the carved cavities of the legs. Moving its components can create a range of different shapes, fitting multiple purposes, and of course it can do just what it was made to do, 'be a table.' " - Elda Bellone

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