QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Ultimately we may still ask, why can't humans design a perfect society?"
Robert Shea
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Sleepy lamp 06. Sep2011

Sleepy lamp is a multifunctional object, made of tubular steel and fabric (for the lampshade). It... READ MORE >>

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Read-Unread shelf 08. Aug2011

'Read-Unread' is a concept piece that goes beyond the notion of a bookshelf. It's not a simple... READ MORE >>
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Young Balkan Designers @ Sofia Design Week 02. Aug2011

"'Young Balkan Designers' is an annual regional design competition initiated by Serbian cultural... READ MORE >>
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'Bias of Thoughts' bookshelf 27. Jul2011

Bias of Thought is the new illusionary object designed by John Leung for ClarkeHopkinsClarke... READ MORE >>
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An Furniture 20. Jul2011

Another fine example of a multifunctional piece of furniture, ideal for small apartments. A... READ MORE >>
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