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Vienna Design Week 2011 - In Review 03. Jan2012

Ask anyone to name a European capital that by its ongoing cultural events and its cultural heritage... READ MORE >>

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Chair 2011 10. Dec2011

A joint project between Lotty Lindeman and Wouter Scheublin, the Chair 2011 is a pure example of... READ MORE >>
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Meltdown Chair: PE stripe 08. Dec2011

"The PE Stripe Meltdown Chair is made by pressing a heated metal chair-shaped former into a stack... READ MORE >>
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Fallen chair 15. Nov2011

Fallen chair plays with the idea of a basic chair that looks as if it has been tipped over and... READ MORE >>
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"Stitched" chair 29. Oct2011

"Furniture has been primarily made from wood, and now it is often made of plastics. Solid, sturdy... READ MORE >>
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