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Ray Eames
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'Reversible' chair 06. Jun2011

Versatility is a good word to define the 'Reversible' chair. It is composed from two-way usable... READ MORE >>

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'Turn In' chair 28. May2011

The idea of creating a foldable chair has been tackled by the Viktor Alexander Kolbig + Tojan... READ MORE >>
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'Triplette' chair 28. May2011

'Triplette' chair can be defined more as a "nesting chair" than a "stackable chair"Practically, the... READ MORE >>
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'More or Less' chair 26. May2011

You order a few chairs for your house and you don't know what you get. Each 'More or Less' chair is... READ MORE >>
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'Boop' collection - monochrome concept 21. May2011

Originally part of the 'Margin Notes' collection, the 'Boop' lounge chair and sofa returns wearing... READ MORE >>
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