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House N 20. Jun2011

House N comprises three shells of progressive size nested inside one another. The outermost shell... READ MORE >>
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'You Are Here' jewelry collection 08. Jun2011

'You Are Here' is a jewelry collection inspired from big cities plans from all over the... READ MORE >>
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'La Ville Molle' urban installation 07. Jun2011

At the Biennale D'Art Contemporaine 2010 held in Bourges, France, Atelier Raum Architects presented... READ MORE >>
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Santa Ana & San Joaquín church 27. May2011

The church building is a modern addition to the old church which served the people for 30... READ MORE >>
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Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts 19. May2011

Set to open in September 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri, the Kaufmann Center for the Performing Arts... READ MORE >>
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