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Dr Edwin Land
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'Puzzles for Living' exhibition - part one 23. Jan2012

The exhibition took place in Credo Bonum Gallery in Sofia from 12.12.2011 to 15.01.2012. It was the... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: chair, stool, table

'Cirkel' collection 03. Dec2011

'Cirkel' is the newest object collection from Daphna Isaacs Burggraaf and Laurens Manders aka Dafne... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: lamp, desk, table

The Woodware 14. Oct2011

Called Woodware, Max Lamb’s new collection comprises a series of apparently utilitarian... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: wood, chair, bench

SP-7 coffee table 12. Oct2011

The wire-bended frame of SP-7 is held together by tension and pressure only. Therefore the... READ MORE >>
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Monzón Storage System 10. Oct2011

Maria Rodilla and Carla López who form TUCA studio presented at Valencia Design Week 2011... READ MORE >>
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