QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Design has taken the place of what sailing used to be."
Dennis Conner
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"Street Stone" project 07. Jan2013

French photographer Leo Caillard teamed up with digital illustrator Alexis Persani to transform... READ MORE >>

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'Spread' house 29. Aug2012

"The single-story house is held above its hillside clearing on cedar-clad steel columns. The 10.85... READ MORE >>
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House in Miyoshi 14. Aug2012

Located in Miyoshi suburb from Hiroshima city, Japan, the house is a minimalist home residence... READ MORE >>
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House in Kitakami 15. Sep2011

The project addresses the construction of a house that would meet the following conditions: a... READ MORE >>
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Yakumo apartments 13. Sep2011

A collection of appartments located on a Tokyo street corner, are arranged in a shifted way ... READ MORE >>
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