QUOTE OF THE DAY: "We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us."
Winston Churchill
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Gauthier-Furetta House 17. Jun2011

Photos: Yves André The project articulates the space based on two simple typologies. The... READ MORE >>

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TAGS: concrete, open

DEX Desk 16. Jun2011

Rotterdam-based architect and designer, who creates each year a new and surprising object comes in... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: desk, colour, wood

'Tick' clip 12. Jun2011

A universal object that can play an important role when creating a table, a bench, a stool, a... READ MORE >>
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'Reversible' chair 06. Jun2011

Versatility is a good word to define the 'Reversible' chair. It is composed from two-way usable... READ MORE >>
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'Osux' lamp family 05. Jun2011

A creation of Roman Bianco. one of the fourth members of Barcelona design studio Creative Affairs,... READ MORE >>
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