QUOTE OF THE DAY: "The space within becomes the reality of the building."
Frank Lloyd Wright
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Urbanization vs Nature 09. Dec2013

The city of Hong Kong, one of the fifth most important cities of the world, spreads in the entire... READ MORE >>
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Antalis calendar+clock = calenclock 10. Feb2012

Ken Lo is the founder of BLOW, a Hong Kong based design studio founded in 2010. The last BLOW... READ MORE >>
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'Ion' and 'Proton' wrist watches 25. Dec2011

A great gift for this Christmas could be one slick and minimalist-look watch from the Hong... READ MORE >>
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PYLONES, éditeur d’objets à Paris 08. Aug2011

PYLONES enterprise, which call themselves “éditeur d’objets à... READ MORE >>
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