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CLAP lamp 24. Jul2012

CLAP lamp is a lamp constructed by the principle of what is called "lamp Anglepoise" invented by... READ MORE >>

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TAGS: lamp, light, wood

'Cajonlight' 22. Jul2012

'Cajonlight', an intriguing object without a clear function when you look at it is in fact "a lamp... READ MORE >>
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'Le Nid' bar 16. Jul2012

For everyone who can get to Nantes from now on, be sure you don not miss the Nest, a bar in Tour de... READ MORE >>
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Bronco lamp 10. Jul2012

"Can your home welcome another pet? Adopt the Bronco lamp. It will keep you company. The original... READ MORE >>
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A lamp 07. Jun2012

The lamp creted by Antoinette Bader is an interesting and practical approach to the idea of hanging... READ MORE >>
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