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'Méo' shelf 01. Jul2012

Meo is a Self-standing shelf, supported by the interaction of the planks with the oblique metal... READ MORE >>
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TIE cabinet and chair 30. Jun2012

"Tired of all the mess that work from home results in, we decided to design a modern writing desk.... READ MORE >>
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'Relation' collection 28. Jun2012

"This unique leg structure looks like it is made in a single piece. However, this structure is made... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: rattan, couch, seat, sofa

Y stools 26. Jun2012

"Y Stools are great for a fun, vibrant injection of colour into any space as well as being... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: metal, wood, ash

"Locker Room" 25. Jun2012

"Typically, sports equipment is shunned to the garage or basement of most homes. This tasteful... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: wood, metal