QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Design depends largely on constraints."
Charles Eames
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Drizzle shelves 26. Apr2012

"Just like the light rain whose fall the word “drizzle” signifies, the support system... READ MORE >>

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TAGS: shelves

SCRW stool 23. Apr2012

"SCRW is based on the principle of screwing. The new interpretation of the screw makes the height... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: metal, cork

NØRD chair 20. Mar2012

"NØRD is danish for nerd, geek, crank - this describes the main character and design of this... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: chair, veneer, wood

D\ZEN 15. Mar2012

"D\ZEN is a CTRLZAK studio project inspired by the spiritual and physical balance of Zen practice.... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: table, mirror, iron

Domestic Methaphors 12. Mar2012

Turning furniture into Domestic Metaphors, Robert Hammond's furniture/art pieces challenge the... READ MORE >>
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