QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Design is where science and art break even."
Robin Mathew
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Architecture for Birds - "Chirped Houses" 30. Oct2014

"Chirped Houses" is a novel campaign started and curated by De-a Architectura aimed to gather funds... READ MORE >>
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'Walking Cabinet' 04. Apr2013

A surreal cabinet shape comes from Markus Johansson, the author of the already well-known 'Nest'... READ MORE >>
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Formbung 1.0 01. Mar2013

Toth Construction commisioned Invisible Creature to design a set of archi­tec­tural... READ MORE >>
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Eyrie chair 17. Jul2012

"The nest of a bird is an inventive piece of natural architecture. As a designer, who works a lot... READ MORE >>
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'Le Nid' bar 16. Jul2012

For everyone who can get to Nantes from now on, be sure you don not miss the Nest, a bar in Tour de... READ MORE >>
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