QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Design is intelligence made visible."
Don Newgren
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'Limited Area' 31. Mar2012

By stretching the world natural color palette at some carefully chosen point in its photos, Robert... READ MORE >>

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Musical Instruments. From the inside. 16. Mar2012

Photographer Bjoern Ewers directed this creative advertising campaign for the Berlin Philharmonic... READ MORE >>
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See-through church 12. Sep2011

The church was built entirely from thin layers of steel and is part of the art work called 'Read... READ MORE >>
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1/4 SERIOUS, 3/4 FUN @ Sofia Design Week 03. Aug2011

Vienna Design Week came to visit Sofia Design Week providing a bunch of design objects from up and... READ MORE >>
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'Mini Milk' desk 30. May2011

'Mini Milk' console desk for laptops fits perfect in small offices, hotel rooms or one-room... READ MORE >>
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