QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Intelligent design itself does not have any content."
George Gilder
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SCAR furniture 06. Feb2013

"Scars are forever! The SCAR furniture line stems from an emotional design project that opens our... READ MORE >>

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TAGS: plywood

SOFTWALKS 18. Jan2013

What would you say that one day the scaffoldings from the city will suddenly become a friendly... READ MORE >>
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HARRY 33 stool 24. Dec2012

"Harry draws its visual language from traditional Japanese joinery techniques and Torii shrine... READ MORE >>
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The 'Stool-Bench' 07. Dec2012

The 'Stool Bench' is inspired by makeshift seating. A several stools and a plank with corresponding... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: bench, stool, wood

Inhabitable Sculptures 21. Nov2012

This project is a series of minimal spaces (less than 20 sq. meters), designed according to a... READ MORE >>
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