QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Let your imagination release your imprisoned possibilities."
Robert H. Schuller
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'Brand Memory' game 27. Dec2011

"Most people today can identify more brands and logos than birds or tree species. How many do you... READ MORE >>
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'Divergence' table 19. Dec2011

NY designer Peter Harrison has designed and built a really cool hall table for those seeking a... READ MORE >>
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'Moaïs' lamps 02. Dec2011

'Moaïs' lamps is the latest product from Ionna Vautrin. The lamp collection consist from... READ MORE >>
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The 'Tafelwip' 12. Nov2011

The 'Tafelwip' is an interactive object which will change your dinning stereotypes and challenge... READ MORE >>
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Desile folding chair 22. Oct2011

Time for another great solution for small spaces. Desile chair is foldable to a flat plane no... READ MORE >>
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