QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Design has taken the place of what sailing used to be."
Dennis Conner
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CANTINA 12. Feb2013

Cantina is the result of the union of two separate spaces in the building of Archivo de Galicia,... READ MORE >>

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Butchers - restaurant & bar 03. Jun2012

These days in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, it happens to be the annual festival of design:... READ MORE >>
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LC Shutters lamp 21. Mar2012

LC Shutters is a pendant lamp designed by Louise Campbell for Louis Poulsen and it is set to launch... READ MORE >>
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'Hold' chair 08. Feb2012

Another winner of the Red Dot Award 2011 in Design Concept section was Poh Liang Hock.The... READ MORE >>
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Yamaga - house and restaurant 07. Sep2011

Yamaga was constructed on a long and narrow space determined by two houses at the street. Due to... READ MORE >>
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