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Furniture Alchemies 13. Mar2012

Christophe Côme’s designs are characterized by an architectural balance and... READ MORE >>

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TAGS: bronze, glass

Carved landscapes 10. Mar2012

Guy Laramee is a multidisciplinary artist. For over thirty years his works touched almost all... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: book

School in Cartagena 06. Mar2012

The new Public and Primary School Roldan from Cartagena in Spain, is a creative and out-of-ordinary... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: grass, school

FRABJOUS puzzle/sculpture 02. Mar2012

Frabjous is the first of a new kind of puzzle, based on an original sculpture by mathematician... READ MORE >>
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'Moaïs' lamps 02. Dec2011

'Moaïs' lamps is the latest product from Ionna Vautrin. The lamp collection consist from... READ MORE >>
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