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HAPPY PILLS & MURANA vase collection 23. Mar2012

Among the latest creations of Milan designer Fabio Novembre are Happy Pills, a collection of vases... READ MORE >>
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Light Stage house 08. Mar2012

Light Stage house is the latest project made in 2011 by Future Studio in Hiroshima, Japan.It's a... READ MORE >>
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HAZARD storage units 19. Feb2012

Hazard is an installation of storage units: a bench, a shelf and two shelves, which can be arranged... READ MORE >>
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Bloomberg Pavilion Project 01. Feb2012

"The ‘Bloomberg Pavilion Project’ will employ the pavilion in the grounds of the Museum... READ MORE >>
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Choose a Green Christmas today! 03. Dec2011

Full life-size Christmas trees are ready to enter into your house as a vinyl on your wall. The... READ MORE >>
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