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Slight Rocker stool 31. Oct2011

"The Slight Rocker is a round, rocking, stackable stool. It was created as part of my degree... READ MORE >>

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TAGS: stool, rocking

RIP chair 05. Oct2011

RiP chair is stackable, solid wood chair made from either solid oak or walnut, available in a... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: chair, wood

DAKAR - chair and table 22. Sep2011

Latest creation of Marco Dessí is Dakar, a stackable chair made from powder coated... READ MORE >>
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'Époque' chair 21. Jun2011

Created by Dutch designer Wybren van Keulen from Etwelve, 'Époque' is a single shell chair... READ MORE >>
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tABLE 15. Jun2011

"tABLE is capABLE, it’s openABLE, accosTABLE, movABLE, stackABLE, stretchABLE, enlargeABLE,... READ MORE >>
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