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Cardboard facades 20. Apr2012

EVOL is a Berlin based street artist that reproduces or mixes real urban images and elements by... READ MORE >>

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'Limited Area' 31. Mar2012

By stretching the world natural color palette at some carefully chosen point in its photos, Robert... READ MORE >>
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3D urban pedestal street art 28. Feb2012

Spanish street artist e1000 intervened on the pavement of Madrid to create an illusion like - when... READ MORE >>
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Luz nas Vielas. Sao Paulo 27. Feb2012

Luz nas Vielas is a participative Urban Art project in Vila Brâsilandia, one of the favelas... READ MORE >>
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Architectural textile patterns. 02. Oct2011

Finlayson's fall textile collection is inspired by new beginnings, precious moments spent together... READ MORE >>
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