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Le Corbusier
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PARRAS collection 15. May2013

Lamps and glasses inspired by the traditional technique of making wine barrels. When storing wine,... READ MORE >>
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DIVIDINGS shelving 12. May2013

The aesthetics of this shelving is inspired by a dividing situated in 819s Wabash Avenue (Chicago),... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: wood, shelf

WOODROLL lamp 11. May2013

A lamp inspired by the shape of the socket cable reels that can be used either on a table or on the... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: lamp, wood, cable

ARISTA chair 10. May2013

A visually lightweight design and besides extremely humble in its aesthetics. Arista is made of... READ MORE >>
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CARELLO trolley 09. May2013

CARELLO trolley is designed by CiszakDalmas for La Clínica Design. Its use is intended for... READ MORE >>
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